Cathy Bowers,

R.D., L,D.N., R.N., C.D.E., C.L.T.

Cathy Bowers RD, LDN, RN, CDE, CLT
I am passionate about the importance of nutrition and the role it can play in our health and in our quality of life. I believe that the foods we choose to eat can be more powerful medicine than anything found inside a pill bottle. I draw on over 30 years of clinical experience in healthcare as a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator. I believe that having worked with clients in a variety of settings such as hospitals, home care, hospice, and long-term care has greatly contributed to my knowledge base and to my ability to effectively work with clients in order to improve their nutritional status and their overall health.

Integrative & Functional Nutrition

veggie bicycle imageMy practice is the culmination of my medical and nutrition expertise, my love of learning and my appreciation that every person is a unique individual. Through my study and application of integrative and functional nutrition I am able to take my practice to the next level. Functional nutrition seeks to identify and correct imbalances within the body. Using foods, targeted supplements and lifestyle changes it is possible to correct these imbalances and restore and maintain optimal health and vitality. I am committed to continuing my studies and education in functional nutrition and medicine. My goal is to help my clients achieve their nutrition and health goals. It is amazing and gratifying to watch clients finally get better, after struggling for many years.

Professional Memberships

  • Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine
  • LEAP Registered Dietitians
  • Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group
  • Diabetes Care and Education Dietetic Practice Group
  • Vegetarian Dietetic Practice Group
  • Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
  • Dietitians for Professional Integrity
  • Massachusetts Dietetic Association
  • American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association)

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